Wednesday, 30 November 2011

wee practise.

at illustrating a narrative, story written by the lovely Aileen Lynn but I changed it a wee bit so i could draw hunners of faces in the sky cause a love a good face. drawn over a nice "What Katy Did Next" book all the way from 1941 just to be vandalised and ripped apart by me. sarry phyllis! all unfinished, will try and get more up soonz.

"The Planet Hunter

The doctor says it wis a wee bit unusual but nothin to worry about so we wrapped you up in a cotton blanket and took you hame.

A slight abnormal tilt that was unlikely to cause any real strain on the neck muscles.
Yer heid is iywiz in the sky.

You bumped into things aw the time.
Chest of drawers, door frames, the poor wee cat.
Hard tae see whits infront of you when yer forever lookin up.
The messy drawer wis full of plasters.

At five you went to school.
Yer teacher wis delighted you iywiz paid attention.
Heid up. Eyes on the blackboard.

The solar system, that wis yer favourite.
Comets, stars, black holes, planets.
Everythin up there in the sky, you knew about it.

If it wis a clear night, you’d have us put our jackets on and oot the house,
Did you see that? Over there? Orions Belt.
Such a bright boy.

That’s you away now, to look fur more planets, far away from here.
They don’t ask us about yer abnormal tilt anymore
All they ask is how you came know so much about the solar system .
Each time we tell them

His heid wis iywiz in the sky."

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