Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Last semesters work was based on the idea of removing an image from itself. it began with a photograph, and ended with a print. I only have some of the inbetween images here, mostly not so good quality but it gives the general idea. These images are projections, overlaying acetate with images of multiple photocopies of an image. This image was stitched onto and reworked until finally it ended up as a lithography print. Confusing one to explain. Couple of the stitched images here too!


Okay so coming back to this blog shit to document my time here in France! So forgetful I thought it might be best to log my days somewhere...
So it's day 10 in France, got my studio space all sorted! Today spoke to the photography man about getting started in the dark room (I say "spoke", I MEAN smiled and nodded whilst the nice man shouted at me in french and thrust a dozen cameras in my face.) All the same, the equipment looks great, studio space MASSIVE, people friendly;
Actually excited to get started, which is a rarity from me so that can't be a bad sign. so far just been doodling but I have some ideas, and I intend to use this to keep a note of research and images of my work. Here's hopin I keep it up this time!